Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Interesting facts about the IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph Top Gun

Many of us dream of becoming pilots at a very small age, but, somehow that never comes to pass. However, there is something else that can bring us closer to getting that special feeling you may have missed back then. The IWC Pilots watch combines various unique features that offer both military and the pilot feel. For instance, it has a black cockpit-style design and a back cover attractive military logo.

The watch had its origin to 1936 when it was launched into the market. Since then, it has become one of the leading brands that are adored by many watch admirers. The IWC Pilots chronograph comes in neatly furnished fashion and unparalleled brilliance. For example, the straps are creations of superior quality leather and stainless steel.
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Ideally, the timepiece was to be for used by the Royal Air Force, but that has since changed, and it has become a treasure across many professions and ordinary people who desire to have the great feeling of the IWC Pilots watch.

Specifically, the Top Gun model was introduced in the IWC Pilot's watch set ten years ago to add to the several other existing versions. There are now more alternatives to choose from if you would like to get a professional watch.

Features of interest on the IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph Top Gun

ü  Counter movement
The model does not have the hour but its minute and second dials are simple to operate. Also, it has a column wheel that facilitates counter motion.

ü  Top Gun logo on the back cover
The back cover features a Top Gun symbol with artistic writings of the United States Navy. As a matter of fact, that is in itself a fantastic way to associate yourself with such an adorable profession.

ü  The diameter
The frame is created to sit on the wrist firmly. Measuring between 44-50mm the diameter is suitable for every type of personality.

ü  The contrast
The watch has luminous dials and pointers for a comfortable reading experience. Also, the face is multi coloured to allow a better contrast.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

All you need to know about Breguet Watches

One of the most common brands of time tools that create great enthusiasm among watch lovers in the UK is the Breguet watches. It represents both modern and traditional innovative technology because the manufacturer is one of the oldest watchmakers in the world. Every model has all the elements one would wish to see on their wrist watch. 
Breguet Watches

From the 18th century, Breguet has changed the ideas behind this specialty with eye catching creations that have impressed both legendary figures such as Napoleon and Winston Churchill and ordinary admirers alike. Abraham Louis Breguet takes credit for starting the brand around 1775 where he developed the first automatic pocket timepiece. From the humble beginnings, the creations have sailed through the tides of time to the well-known figure it stands for today.

Currently, they continue to craft exemplary and intricate watches with some of them drawing inspiration from traditional models that were part of the original collection such as the Tourbillon. One unique thing about the brand that revolutionised the art was the recognition of natural forces such as gravity and its effect on precise time readings.
Breguet Luxury Watches

The adoption of impressive features such as the balance wheel and the escarpment any deviations get accounted for hence sustaining accuracy at all times. Similarly, with each passing day, they keep coming with innovations that continue to shape the watch making industry. For example, the adoption of the use of silicon is fantastic because the material is less dense and non-magnetic which interests many consumers.

Notable series of Breguet watches
Ø  Reine de Naples- this category features great wrist watches for ladies. They stem from a version that got designed way back in 1810 for Napoleon's sister.

Ø  The marine series- this line offers fantastic pieces which are suitable for those who like the stylish and sporty feeling.  They are recognizable by the presence of crown guards that makes them water resistant.

Ø  Heritage series- the collection features Tonneau shaped casing as a key distinctive element.

Ø  Type XX, XXI, XXII- the line offers the trendy and sporty pieces and needs no introduction to ardent Breguet lovers.

Ø  Classique collection-Devices in this recent collection display nothing but perfection. They are the most popular type of Breguet watches.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Cartier watches – the best fashion accessory

Cartier watches provides customers with authentic high-end products to fit different tastes and preferences. Due to the increased demand for watches as our daily wear, the brand has become a household name in the sector. It all comes from their great and transformative inventions that were once unimaginable.

Cartier Watches
The watch has a well cut out shape with a curvature to reinforce its stylish and captivating look. It's a creation of beautiful stainless steel to ensure durability and comfort. When one puts it on, you get nothing but smooth sensation on the skin. Furthermore, Cartier watches are suitable for any weather because of the material used in making them.

Also, you can find them in different sizes and shapes; therefore there is more room for personal choices. For example, they vary from circular to rectangular formations which make them distinct from the other varieties available in the market.

Most Cartier models of watches have dimensions of 41.3mm by 51.1mm and a thickness of 10.34mm making it appropriate for any wrist. Its shows boldness of the wearer and appears more captivating that you will fall in love with it as a masterpiece.

The brand has an extensive collection of timepieces. The most popular models include; Ballon Bleu de Cartier, Caliber de Cartier for men and Panthere de Cartier, Ballon Blank de Cartier for women among others. The watches come in pocket-friendly prices that suit the different income groups.

Eight years ago the Cartier underwent significant transformation, and each year it continues to surprise the world with various stylish models. For instance, 2016 saw the introduction of the men's Drive De Cartier with new exquisite features. It has a captivating cushion shape that summarizes the general design of the watch. Before this, they had introduced Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon Tourbillon in 2014.

The history Cartier watches can be traceable to Sir Louis Cartier who came up with the first piece when a friend asked him to design a time tool which suits flying. From such a humble beginning, the manufacturer has sailed through the ranks to what it is today.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Breguet watches – Know the brand

Watches continue to play very vital roles in the world today.  Due to technological advancement, the demand for quality and fashionable watches is on the rise. The stylish Swiss Breguet timepiece has shaken the industry unexpectedly in several ways.

Breguet Reine De Naples
Breguet Watch Company is an establishment of the year 1775 by none other than Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris, France. The company’s primary objective is manufacturing quality and durable watches made with a desirable outlook that would be an attraction in the market.

The company has made significant progress in the specialization through the use of requisite skills and fine art in the manufacturing process. The high-level innovation in Breguet brand of watches is the reason behind the recognition of the outlet as a real innovator.

The manufacturer’s breakthrough is traceable to 1815. Since then the continuous development and supply of quality watches to the market is part of their incredible profile.

A Breguet watch has a striking difference from other brands lies in their manually engine-turned "guilloche.” The “guilloche” has got the distinct signature of Breguet hollow eccentric moon hands which puts together stylish elegance with a high-performance specification.

Breguet Tradition Watches
They are also identifiable with their coin-shaped edges on their round casing which provides it with an attractive look that reflects the elegant, stylish designs incorporated in the final product.

Currently, the brand is working on the collection of the Breguet classic style watches.  Notable creations include “the La Tradition, the great Le Revile du TsarAlarm watch, and the elegant Breguet Retrograde Seconds as well as the Perpetual Calendar Watch.

Breguet watches appear sporty there by incorporating fashion and style to customers. Furthermore, there are specific versions available for the young ladies to enhance their looks. For example, the Reine de Naples is a design for women. It has lovely bracelets, automatic movement, power reserve, and moon phase modifications.
Other models include type XX and type XXI that have a casual style and come in a variety of colors with unique case designs that are suitable to wear on a daily basis. In reality, the Breguet timepiece is a good alternative you can consider for a change.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blancpain Men’s watches –a fashion brand

Blancpain Watches
Many things define a man whenever he is out there running his errands. What most of us take lightly, for instance, a wrist watch could be a huge difference between those owning a piece and those who do not care at all? For men, time telling gadget is a showcase of boldness, wealth, and status in equal measure.
Blancpain Manufacturers is one of the pioneer watch makers in the world. With over two hundred and eighty years in operation, the outlet boasts of complete experience in the trade of watches.

To some extent,Blancpain alleges to be the oldest time tool producer ever to exist. The journey of this brand can be traced back to 1735 when time tracking was done using natural means such as the movement of the sun.
Overtime, Blancpain has shown its perfection in the art of watchmaking from straightforward and functioning to elaborate and magnificent pieces. Their products are mind blowing to the many watch lovers.

For instance, the Blancpain Men’s watches features very attractive elements. The casings come out of materials such as stainless steel, gold, and platinum. On the other hand, the bracelets are creations of substances such as rubber, precious metals, canvas, or leather. The overall finishing makes the various models lifetime attractions.
All through the years the manufacturer’s esteem, innovation, and top class techniques are visible in the broad range of timepieces. Blancpain collection of watches is identifiable with the following unique features:-

Casing material
The housing varies from one model to the next. Commonly used materials include Steel, Rose Gold, Titanium, and white gold. The alternatives allow buyers to select their favourite depending on how much they would like to spend.

The fasteners are predominantly brown and black. The straps are comfortable on the skin allowing you to get the cosiness of the watch.

Dial colour
The knobs include alternative colours such as black, gold, silver, and white.
In summary,Blancpain Men’s watch is a real bargain for any wrist watch fan. The brand is an accurate reflection of prestige in creativity. It appeals to all types of people.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Omega Speedmaster - a quick honest review

Omega Speedmaster Watches
Enough descriptive words lack when writing about the Omega Speedmaster. The watch remains to be the most valuable timepieces described as either classic or impressive.
It is an entirely exciting watch, full of history and tradition. We can remember that NASA certified the Omega Speedmaster after one of its scientists stepped out of the lunar module onto the moon, wearing the watch. Thus, the watch stands out from the rest and remains the only approved device for manned space missions.
The timepiece is a beautiful representation of everything we love about watches. It features a stark black face that is reduced to allow you own a piece of history.

Benefits of Omega Speedmaster
o   Great value with better price
A retail price of $550 remains a fair price for this mechanical piece of history.

o   Matches any dress code including shoes
The Omega Speedmaster is friendly to all dressing materials which makes it an excellent choice for a wardrobe. The slim size gives it a classic look, suitable for business meetings or vacations.

o   Highly mechanised movement
Omega Watches
It has a column-wheel chronograph that beat at 18,000 beats per hour which remain quite average for contemporary watches.

o   Unique design
The great watches have a solid construction, with a classic design that excites watch lovers. The subdials are perfectly arranged to display the Omega logo.

What are the Pros?
- The watch has a polished stainless steel which is 38mm in diameter. The crystal mirror gives a professional look that occasionally attracts you to glaring the watch, ensuring you don’t miss the unique beats.
- The movement is comparatively automatic. The dial is easy to read, and the sub-registers offer an instant read.
- The watch is waterproof. But that doesn’t imply you should risk diving in the water.
- The bracelet is polished and with a solid clasp. Thus, it gives a great look compared to the leather band.

What are the cons?
- The sub-registers are not illuminated making you experience difficulty in reading the watch in dark lit areas.
- The case might prove small if you are a fan of big watches on your wrist.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Omega Globemaster London - a quick review

Over a century, the Omega has continuously established a reputation as one of the world’s greatest watch brands. Omega has humbly served the world in international Olympic Games timing athletes, footballers, swimmers, golfers, and sailors.

Omega Watches
The Omega Globemaster collection reserves its pride from the certified manufacturers who takes it through a series of tests before availing to the consumers. Thus, the watch has built its legacy on its outstanding quality, design, and precision.
The watch remains the most advanced with its mechanical movement that updates it. You will develop pride when wearing the piece on a daytime due to its officially approved chronometer which makes it the best functioning time tool on the global market.
Besides, the watch is available in a range of metals including; silver, gold, and stainless steel, making it as one of the most talked-about timepieces in the London.

Unique Features
§  The vintage-looking model has plentiful luminous paint on the hands. The biggest surprise on the watch is the night glowing that makes it easy to see in absolute darkness.
§  Even though it has an odd dress choice, the watch is immaculate. The indoor lighting gives the Omega Globemaster a perfect eye-appealing look.
§  Another important feature of the Globemaster is its new movement.
§  The watch is water resistance thus fulfilling the most crucial factor considered by the watch-lovers. Before being released in the market, the watch is tested to achieve the stated specifications.
§  The bracelet has a diameter of between 39-40mm, making it a perfect a timepiece wear. Some have stainless steel bracelets whereas others have a leather strap.

-    The Omega Globemaster has a Master Chronometer. Thus, it gives you an accurate time and shields magnetic fields that surround us.

Obtaining the watch today makes you experience how it will radically change your view of mechanical watches. The watch guarantees you the worth of your money by its greater stability, power reservation, and against magnetism.